Highly customizable, branded, all-in-one crypto assets copy trading solution for traders and hedge funds
Copy Trading
We are integrated with
White Label Projects
Linked Accounts
Trading Volume
How it works
Start your own trading company in minutes
Customize the web-app on your domain
Add your exchange master accounts (trading strategies)
Set up monitoring options for master accounts
Allow users to login in your app and follow your trading strategies
Set up a subscription or/and success fee for your users
Launch your affiliate program
Design your Brand
Customize the client area with your logo, colors, fonts
$0 start-up cost
Set up your own fee structure
Automated billing
Set up and monitor your strategies
Use copy trading technology
Maximize profitability from your existing user base
Admin Area
Manage your business in the admin area
Add and edit your trading strategy
Import your trading history from the exchange
Linked Accounts
Monitor and manage linked accounts of your followers. Pnl, Deposits, Withdrawals etc.
Monitor and manage invoices. Mark invoice as paid
Monitor and manage withdrawals. The client can withdraw profits or the entire deposit from their balance
Who can benefit the most
Traders with their own community
Social media crypto influencers
Companies with large network of users
Trading Bots developers
The businesses operating in crypto assets trading space
Monitoring and Risk Management
Advanced Risk Management
Monitor all your trading activities and unrealized PnL of open positions

Demonstrate the statistical data of your performance to your followers
Automatic execution of stop-losses

The personalized setting of risk management for clients

Custom settings of the lot size and drawdown

Trailing Stops helping to minimize the losses and increase the profits
Copy trading System
Enables to copy tens of thousands of orders per second

Low lagging range: 0.2 - 1 sec.

Supports all type of orders (Stop-Market, Trailing Stop, Reduce Only etc). On the Binance exchange Hedge Mode supported

Retains the ratio of margin deposit between master accounts and user accounts

Automatic stop-loss is executed when the maximum declared drawdown is reached.

Enters a position as long as unrealized PnL will be 0.5% or less